Who we are


We are freelance entrepreneurs. We have created the outsourcing agency “Ein Stein” to help with your projects, simplify tasks, automate business, and reduce your expenses.

We have studied and lived in different countries, worked in various business areas such as transport logistics, international tourism, active sales, quality control, and small business consultations. We have seen many areas of activity from within and gained experience that we can now use to solve common mistakes and problems in your business.

We take over all the tasks and responsibilities of your project from start to finish, when you are busy on other projects and do not have enough time to find solutions to the tasks and performers for this role. When you’re unsure about a project or it requires a narrow specialist, when the work is not clear, routine, we always ready to help you.

Our large freelance community has many great international specialists who will be perfect for your projects.

We are a well-coordinated team with an individually developed selection system. If the project is not complex and fits our qualifications, we will gladly take care of its implementation independently. Interesting projects are in IT, tech, startup, HoReCa, logistics, tourism.

Follow the rule: do not take up the project if you are not 100% sure that we will execute it. So we take projects only for small and medium businesses. We have no experience in corporate business with large corporations, but we want to grow and develop, so we can do the work partially or in stages for large corporations. We know agencies among our friends who have more experience and can help your business.

Our task and goal are to help the business to become original and productive in the market, to exclude banality and unprofitability.

We offer a free first evaluation of your products: site, application, project, business to highlight points for further development.