What types of website animations are trending

To be popular and trendy in web development, you need to be on-trend. In this article, we collected the most unusual trends in web animation and animated graphics.

Animated website background

You can show an animated story of your brand in a background format. It’s a very cool idea to show the process of creating your product or to show the story and benefit of the product to the customer. Once on your website, with a background animated story, the customer can become part of your brand and become attached to it.

Animated company logo

Animated company logos are now at the peak of popularity. With different visual effects, such as an expanding logo or a logo with 3D animation, you can draw more attention to your company. A logo is the first thing a visitor to your website is introduced to. With a cool logo, you can capture your brand in the minds of your website’s customers for a long time.

Liquid and smooth block animation

Calm, undulating movements of block elements or backgrounds on the site as ebbs and flows add style and interactivity to the site.

Typography and movement

To accentuate your brand name, or your offer, web designers offer kinetic typography, moving text. This is an innovative method of maximizing attention to the text and its meaning. Many well-known brands have been using this method for a long time, and it still hasn’t lost its relevance.

Animation is a trend in recent years in web design. Don’t be afraid to experiment with animation and design to create more immersive digital products.

Originally published at https://en.evrohachik.site.