Technical SEO website audit

To determine the weaknesses and strengths of your website and identify advanced features to get selected snippets found in search engine results pages (SERPs), you need the help of a technical SEO specialist.

When template sites are misconfigured or set up unprofessionally, website configuration errors often occur, this prevents your content from being found in search engines.

What is a technical SEO audit?

During a technical audit, you can identify hidden problems with the performance of the website. The audit will help find obstacles and progress errors in improving search engine visibility. With the help of technical SEO, you can easily search engine optimization and identify opportunities to improve the site.

Diagnostics start with source code, operating systems, and server configurations.

What is a deep SEO audit?

A deep SEO audit is a thorough diagnostic process, which tests technical SEO aspects of your website, assesses its functionality, and identifies what needs to be fixed. In-depth diagnostics can identify weaknesses, which may be the result of outdated coding and may be the cause of the slow performance of the entire site.

What information about your site will show the SEO audit?

site indexing
current server and hosting issues
request for testing the robots.txt file of the site
request for error 404
HTTP and HPPTS status check request
request for HTML and XML sitemap check
sitemap analysis for video, news, and images
site load speed
URL validation request
canonical sites and canonical tags
subdomain check
image optimization test for all platforms
proper link building
landing pages
number of connected ads

A technically correct site yields more clicks and conversions.