How to properly survey current customers about your product, service and get useful feedback

Gathering feedback about your product or your service is very important.
Understanding your customer through feedback will help you look at your work from the outside and make an assessment, which will further help increase the number of consumers of your services.

The moment you decide to buy a product, everyone looks at reviews.
Remember, there can never be too many reviews.
You don’t have to feverishly devote all your energy to pulling reviews out of your customers, even though they are the main trigger in making a purchase decision.

The purpose of a review of your product is to eliminate a potential customer’s objection.
The right review will help increase the value of the product.
Remember, not all people know how to write reviews correctly, and not everyone can speak impressively on camera. And it’s important to remember that all customers like gifts and nice little things.

What you need to do to get a good review from a client:

You need to prepare standard questions, the answers to which will reveal all the information about your product.
The answers to your questions should address the customer’s pain of buying your product specifically.
Prepare questions whose answers can close 99% of your customers’ standard objections.
You can take care of the gift a customer will receive for a helpful review.
A good review is your valuable case, don’t be stingy with gratitude.
Writing a review, or recording it on camera is difficult for anyone.
Writing and writing a useful review takes some time, not every client will agree to it.
To get feedback from the client, you can send a form after the purchase, with easy questions, after answering which a special service will form a full-fledged review from them.

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