How to outsource product development correctly.

Before developing a product, it is worth thinking through and eliminating risks with costs and deadlines. For me, outsourcing the development of IT products has been an effective solution. Without investment and your own large team at the start, the right thing to do is to outsource.

How to outsource cloud platform development the right way. Detailed instruction:

  1. The front-end can be outsourced without any qualms. This is the easiest option for a product development start-up. If you hire your own team, you need a good manager and sophisticated support at the technology level.
  2. Backend and infrastructure are key and complex things in the cloud. To organize work in an outsourced project, it is advantageous to use an N amount contract where the task requirements and deadlines are described.
  3. The outsourced team must be included in the project, trained, and integrated into the scrum team. This will help build some kind of system for long-term work, creating a project team with benefits for each contractor.
  4. When scaling the product, you should do the following: assign complex project tasks to outsourcers, and assign the most key tasks to project staff.

Outsourcing is a resource that should be used efficiently. For each of your products, it is worth choosing your own style of outsourcing.