How not to set up SEO for your website

Collected a list of bad SEO techniques that are worth excluding:

Keywords — no longer work. Search engines no longer rank your page based on keywords. Instead of cramming in masses of unnecessary keywords, it’s worth paying attention to creating sub-topics and related ideas and structuring your content by extracting all the semantically related information and context around the topic.

Spamming in the form of a comment that links to your resource. This is a bad tactic to advertise your website, blog, store, landing page, and other products. Every day new plugins are created that can be used to block spam comments on your site. Almost every self-respecting website owner has such a plugin. Therefore, this method of promotion is no longer relevant.

Poor UX, uncomfortable user interface. You should not skimp on setting up a good UX. Check whether your site is adapted to cell phones and tablets, pay attention to good design and comfortable arrangement of buttons and pages, and other little things that may be inconvenient for the user, and because of this search engine will not rank your site well.

Plagiarizing content from another source. This is a bad method of promoting a site. Search engines do not rank for duplicate content. It may be a problem to use teasers for the blog, it is better to leave just the titles or use canonical tags.

Large and intrusive full-screen ads. On cell phones, they cause wild anger. Most users of your site, out of it right after trying to get on a small cross. The search engine will count that as a page abandonment, remember it, and your site will rank worse.

I am researching this issue further, but I can already see that promotion methods are changing very quickly. Finding a good and erudite SEO specialist is difficult, as there is always a price-quality issue. I study the market on my own and conclude.