Many of our IT firms are used to calling themselves outsourcers. However, in the West, IT companies, especially large ones, refer themselves to the number of organizations providing PDS, i.e. product creation services.
Outsourcing is when an organization outsources some of its business processes, in this case, related to information technology, to third-party IT staff.
In the IT industry, another variant of cooperation is often used, outstaff. This term means that the employees who will be involved in the project are on the staff of a contracting organization.
Product Development Services is essentially an advanced type of outsourcing. To provide these services, PDS employees have to change their thinking. They don’t just need to fulfill a customer’s written terms of reference but must be willing to help with their knowledge, experience, and advice.
They are no longer just doers, but thinkers who eventually turn into a technological partner of the customer. PDS is a responsibility for the product developed, not just for the time paid under the contract.

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